Cafe aka’aka : Ocean View and Delicious Pancake



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My wife and I visited the cafe aka’aka famous among young people who enjoy surfing and driving motorcycles. It took about 1 hour to the cafe by car. Not only beautiful view of East China Sea but also delicious pan cakes impressed us. Let’s forget the hustle-bustle of everyday life. This is the place you can regain your mental strength.


Visit aka’aka

We both have never met before, but the master kindly welcomed us and opened the door with a smile. His kindness really moves us.



Ocean View of aka’aka

The sunset view from the care if really beautiful. It is really a wonderful place.

We also took the video of the sunset.


Cafe Atmosphere

The wooden room has a high ceiling and creates a relaxing atmosphere to visitors. We had a beautiful view of ocean from the window. We learned from the following signboard that the name of the cafe “aka’aka” means “smile” in Hawaiian languages.


We are very glad to sit soft sofa since my wife has been pregnant for 7 months at that time.




Menu of aka’aka

Lists of delicious sweets made our mouth start watering. It is hard to choose because everyone of them looks delicious.


English Translation of Sweets Menu

aka’aka style pancake  
100% Natural Honey “Hawaiian Local Pancake” 750 yen
Pancake with Lots of Berry Fruits. 800 yen
Chocolate Banana Pancake 800 yen
Note: you can get 100 yen discounts if you order a glass of juice or smoothie.

all 700 yen

Green Smoothie, Tropical Mango Smoothie, Caramel Frappuccino, Mocha Frappuccino, , Acai Smoothie, Japanese citron and peach Frappccino
Acai Bowl 750 yen
Noix Raisin Pound Cake 300 yen
Ice Cream 300 yen


100% Natural Honey “Hawaiian Local Pancake”

My wife ordered this Hawaiian Local Pancake. She put honey on soft pancake with snowy sugar. I took a bite of it and found the pancake is very soft.


Let’s look closer from the side of the pancake to see its thickness.


The pancake is simple but soft and delicious to the extent that I can eat 3 plates.


Videos of Cafe aka’aka

We edited videos of aka’aka so that you can get its pleasant atmosphere. Please watch and enjoy!


Pancake with Lots of Berry Fruits

The amount of berry fruits is surprising!


Let’s get a closer look from its side. How luxurious to eat such beautiful pancake!


I cannot control my self any longer and started to eat it.


….! Berry and ice cream is cold but soft pancake is warm. What a beautiful contrast of coldness and warmth! 


Deliciousness of the pancake is enough to drive away my tiredness of driving from Kagoshima City to this cafe. Enjoy having pancakes is the best thing when you get tired. Just as they did when we came here, the master saw us off when we leave the cafe. We could completely have a relaxing time at the cafe.


Unique Candle Shop near Cafe

We noticed a wooden building standing near the cafe aka’aka. We made a visit to the shop.


There are many beautiful and unique candles inside the shop. We especially like the following yellow moon candle. Originally its shape is round, but once you lit a fire to the candle, its shape turns into crescent.


We visited the shop in December and heard that many people are buying those unique candles to prepare for Christmas party. 

(We also visited a Matheruba Cafe (Kagoshima City) which uses candles of the shop)。


Cafe Information


Take Minamikyushu Expressway and get off at Miyama IC. Drive about 10 minutes from Miyama IC.

Open Hour

[Monday, Wednesday, Thursday] 11:00 – 18:00,  [Friday – Sunday] 11:00-19:00





6640-2 Higashi-ichiki-cho, Hioki City