Diamond Volcano Mt.SAKURAJIMA – sacred morning –



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Good morning to you!
I transmit the video of this morning’s Mt.Sakurajima from Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.


After Active Eruptions

Last weeks’s series of massive eruptions caused much ash falling on Kagoshima City. As an private observer of the volcano it is a welcome situation, but I hope the volcanic activity will calm down in thinking about the life and anxiety of citizens in Kagoshima Prefecture.


Mt.Sakurajima This Morning

I took the video at AM05:46 this morning.
The sun is rising from the northern line of Mt.Sakurajima. Today is the first day of the week and this scenery gives me lots of enegy!
I think I will be able to work hard thanks to this beautiful morning scenery.


Today’s “Did you know?”
You have to know classification of rubbish if you live in Japan.
Every municipal districts have different rules of classification.
Kagoshima has a special ruggage bag called “KOHAI” bag for fallen ash.
Local government distributes the bags to each house for free. You collect volcanic ash at gardens and balconies into bags before you put them at the designated place at streets.
The name of “KOHAI” bag has changed recently. In the bast, the Chinese character of “KOHAI” wrotes “Falling Ash”, but it has been changed into “Win over Ash” with the same pronunciation. It is probably because Kagoshima City wants to keep motivation of citizens to collect ash which falls on city endlessly.
I admires the unique name of the ash and enterprising spirit of Kagoshima people who tries to overcome falling ash!