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My wife and I had a special dinner at Kagoshima Aquarium. Listening to sounds of the real violin, watching many fish swimming in water, we enjoyed French dish made from fresh local fishes and vegetable. The dinner time is so romantic. Only Kagoshima has such a dinner party in Kyushu in Japan. I hope many people enjoy the dinner as we did.(In 2015, Kagoshima Aquarium invited only 15 couples)



Aquarium Dinner

This dinner party is held around Christmas time every year. This Kuroshio Water tank contains about 800 kinds of fishes. We enjoyed French cuisine while listening to the live strings performance. The price is only 10,000 yen per person (8,500 yen for dinner and 1,500 yen for entrance). My wife and I applied for the party and were accepted to it as guests!

Officer of the aquarium explains about the Kuroshio Water Tank to guests.

The atmosphere is very relaxing and luxurious. Is there any other places where you can enjoy dinner while viewing sea animals in water tank at such a convenient price? I am very happy to be born in Kagoshima.

aquarium dinner drink kagoshima japan

They party is usually held just before Christmas Eve. Why not take your loved one to this dinner party?


Delicious Dinner

My wife has been pregnant for 7 month. The aquariam specially prepared well-boiled dinner for her.We are really appreciated. Small dolphin dollas are placed on tables for those who cannot drink alcohol.

dolphin dolls

Kirishima Trout and Seasonal Vegetables Appetizer)

Kirishima Trout

French Chicken Terrine for pregnant

French Chicken Terrine


Curried Cream Soup

Curried Cream Soup

Pocher of Natural Snapper of Kagoshima Bay with White Wine Source

Kagoshima Kurobuta (Black Berkshire) pork stewed in red wine

Kagoshima Kurobuta (Black Berkshire) pork stewed in red wine

Gateau Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

Gateau Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

I also enjoyed several glasses of champagne, red wine and white wine.

Restaurant staff frequently serve us freshly backed breads. They are so delicious that I ate more than 8 pieces of them.

Please apply for this wonderful dinner party!


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