Japanese food “CHAWAN-MUSHI” (Japanese Steamed Egg Custard)



Do you know pudding?

It is sweet and delicious dessert.

But there is another salty puddings in Japan. My American friend particularly like them.



Chawan-mushi is a traditional Japanese food.

My American friend simply call the cuisine “custard”.

It is cup-steamed egg custard with chicken, shrimp, and vegetables.

Trefoil leaves are often put on top as a garnish.

Chawan means “bowl” and Mushi means “steam”.


Special Song of Chawan-mushi

Kagoshima people can sing a local traditional “Chawan-mushi” song.

The song is sung in strong local dialects. People in other parts of Japan will hardly understand the lyrics.

Recently musical band SAKAKI-MANGO arranged the song with African musical instruments.

(SAKAKI-MANGO is a musician from Kagoshima)

Watch and enjoy his song!


Lyrics of the song

I briefly introduce you the story of the song.

One person don’t know what  “Chawan-mushi” is.

When he heard the word for the first time, he misunderstood that Chawan-mushi is not as “bowl steam” but as “bowl bug”.

This is because Japanese sounds of “mushi” has two different meanings, “bug” and “steam”.


Translation of Chawan-mushi Song in Kagoshima

“Oh, what should I do? How it is like?

I wash dishes in my house three times every day and they must be very clean!

Are you talking about the bug on the surface of bowl?

Is the bug a kind of insect walking on kitchen nets?

Now that I know what Chawan-mushi is! I feel very embarrassed!  HA HA HA!”