Japan train travel – Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line – (Nakamyo Station to Kiire Station)



I took the train and took the video from Nakamyo Station to Kiire Station.

It is pleasant to travel by train,

Trains between Kagoshima and Ibusuki

I took the video when I traveled to Ibusuki City from Kagoshima City.

The line between Ibusuki City and Kagoshima City is called “Ibusuki-Makurazaki” Line.

You can have the nice ocean view from the train’s window.

I took the slow train this time, but you can take faster trains (rapid train “Nanohana” or express train “Ibutama”)


Nakamyo Station

There is a huge oil tanks near the Nakamyo Station.

Everyday many big oil tankers carry crude oils to this oil storage base.

Japanese government keep the oil at this base just in case for national emergencies.

Japan is a small country and it has little resources. Oil is very important for the survival of Japan!


Kiire Station

The name “Kiire” consists of 2 kanji (chinese characters).

喜 means “glad or happy” and 入 means “enter or come”.

You can get good-luck tickets at this station. The ticket will be good luck fortune.