Secret Shrine “Arahira-Tenjin” worships Learning God (Kanoya City, Japan)




Secret Shrine at Osumi Area

I happened to fine an interesting shrine to when we drive along the west coast of the Osumi Peninsula.

The beautiful shrine gate stands alone in sandy beach. We stopped the car and visited the shrine to make a prayer. It was evening and sunset is sinking to the Satsuma Peninsula which is on the other side of the Kagoshima Bay. 


Shrine “Arahira Tenjin”

The shrine is very closed to the Kanoya City. It was clear on the video but you can see beautiful shape of Mt.Kaimon and Mt.Sakurajima from the shrine. We were lucky to see the eruption of Mt.Sakurajima when we visit the shrine. It is a very beautiful place. Later I found that the shrine is one of the eight most beautiful spots of Kanoya City. The shrine is small and no priest stations there, so the shrine doesn’t offer the sacred seal.


Exciting Climbing Road before Prayer

The road to the shrine building is very steep and you have to use rope. You can enjoy a thrilling sense and have a good exercise! Because you have to pay lots of efforts to reach the shrine, I definitely believe that your efforts will be rewarded and get good luck.


Shrine’s God

The shrine worships Mr.Michizane Sugawara (Tenjin). He is known as the God of Learning. Many shrines worships him at many places in Japan but I had never known that there is Tenjin Shrine at this place! I found many papers on the wall of the shrine building which says “I want to pass exam!”. Many students seem to visit this place. If I had visited at this shrine before I took university entrance exam, I might enter better university…. Oh no!  



  • It is very closed to Kanoya City.
  • Sunset time is the best to see beautiful scenery.
  • The road to shrine building is very steep, but your efforts will be rewarded!


Travel Information of Arahira Tenjin


20 minutes from Tarumizu Port by car


A temple of beautiful scenery.


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