Diamond View of Mt.Sakurajima – Where is the best to see Mt.Sakurajima? –



It has been fine weather for three days.
Thanks to good weather, figure of Sakurajima is very beautiful.
It will be a fine day today. Good view of the volcano gives me lots of spirits!


Calmness before Storm?

There is no big eruption this week.
Is this the calm before the storm (eruption) comes? I hope no serious eruption will happen.
I love recent fine days alright, but I don’t like increasing high temperature. Kagoshima’s summer is very hot!
If the ash falls on me in hot and humid weather, I will feel very very comfortable. I have to escape into cool room with air-conditioning.


Best view spots of Mt.Sakurajima at Kagoshima City)
Mt. Sakurajima has different appearance depending the place. There are lots of wonderful view spots of Mt.Sakurajima.
However, some tourists will not have enough time to go to Mt.Sakurajima by ferry or go around Kagoshima.
So, I introduce my personal recommendation of good viewing spots at Kagoshima city.


1. Shiroyama observatory (you can visit at any time)
A lot of the sightseeing tour groups visit here.
You can take tourist bus from Kagoshima-Chuo Station.
You maybe will very if you come here alone at night, because there are a lot of couples (laughs).

2. NHK Kagoshima outlook studio 4F (open from Monday to Friday, , 09:30 to 18:00)
My friend recommends me to see Mt.Sakurajima from here.
Compared with the other two places, this place is the closest to Mt.Sakurajima.
Also, Dolphin port (restaurant district) is closed to this studio.

3. Kagoshima Prefecture Government’s Observation Room
(open throughout a year, 11:00 to 18:00)
It is best to look at it while dining at the restaurant.
Because the room is spacious and you can feel relaxed and forget the flow of time.
This is my first date place, but she turned me off on that day.This is the place of my springtime in my life. (Laughs).



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