Eruption Moment of Mt.Sakurajima with Orange Color Sky



The morning air is very fresh. I found a small smoke just came from the crater of Mt.Sakurajima after I got up from the bed.
I am so lucky to happen to see the moment of eruption. I think that good things will occur to me today!


Sudden Change from Cloudy to Sunny
It was very cloudy on last weekend.
But as soon as Monday started, the weather suddenly turned out to be fine .
I really want to go to take a drive, but I have to stay in the dark office for whole day. What a shame!
At least I will go for a walk at lunch time to enjoy this lovely weather.


Today’s “Did you know” about Mt.Sakurajima
Have you ever tried to eat Sakurajima Komikan?
It is the smallest orange in the world. The diameter is only about 4cm.
You can find several non-staff selling shops of the orange after just after you get off ferry at Sakurajima.
You can buy 6 oranges only for 200 yens. It is very cheap.


Small but Sweet!
The orange is not only famous for its small size but also famous for its sweetness.
The oranges will undergo inspection and they will not be placed on market if their sugar content is under level 12.
Small oranges of normal kinds taste sour, but Sakurajima Komikan is small but very sweet!

In my childhood, I frequently go to my grandmother’s house and found Sakurajima-Komikan on the table. Grandmother and I particularly love to eat them.
My sister, on the contrary, prefer normal oranges which has no seeds in side. But since I put more emphasis on tastes than seeds, I still likes Sakurajima-Komikan.