Japan train trip – Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line – (Hirakawa Station to Sesekushi Station) 22 March 2015



I took the video when I traveled to Ibusuki City from Kagoshima City.
I took the slow train this time, but you can take rapid or express train to go to Ibusuki City.

JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line

City views disappear after trains pass the south of the Goino Station.
Instead, there are many tunnels and sheer cliff. You can see the wonderful view of Kagoshima Bay.
It is better to sit at the left side of the train to have better scenery.


Hirakawa Station

This is the only zoological park where you can see Koalas.
The park has renovated since 2009 and you can enjoy foot bath now.
Zebras walking slowly with Sakurajima for a background.
There are over 130 kinds of animals. The park is crowded with families at weekends.
There are white bears in the park. I think it is too hot for them to live in warm Kagoshima.


Sesekushi Station

It is said that many samurais escaped to this area after they lost in battles.
There are many similar legends in Kagoshima Prefecture.
There are lots of mountains and valleys in Kagoshima. I think it must have been the good place to hide.