What is Chabo? – traditional Japanese chicken –



My family raises traditional Japanese chickens CHABO for more than 20 years. They are very scared of humans including my family. But they are most afraid of our hybrid dog.

My dog likes to tease our chickens. Please watch and enjoy!

Introduction to Chabo

Chabo is one of Japanese chickens.
Their body is small (about 1/3 of normal chickens)
They are also national heritages in Japan.
Many local people raise them to get their eggs in Kagoshima. (We don’t eat them! Eat Chabo is illegal)


Chabo’s advantages

Chabo is better at hatching eggs than other chickens.
Sometimes my family let them hatch eggs of other birds.
Also, Chabo’s eggs are more nutritious than normal chickens.


My family and Chabo

We have raised Chabo over 20 years.
They are very naughty and like to eat vegetables at garden…
But they sometimes give us delicious eggs!

They cry in a beautiful voice in the early morning. They serves the purpose of the morning alarms, too!

We have lived together for more than 20 years, but still Chabo family is not used to us.



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