Rest Stop Ibusuki : Visit before Sightseeing and Taking Sand Bath



If you drive from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki City, I recommend you to drop by this rest stop “Ibusuki”. This is the nice place to see Kagoshima Bay and the volcano Mt. Sakurajima. My local foods are served at this stop. Please make a visit before you start to travel in Ibusuki City or enjoy sand bath in Ibusuki Hot Spa.


Popular Cream Puff

The bakery inside the rest stop sells this cream puff, which is very popular among local people in Ibusuki City. Every time my mother comes here, she always buy 5 of them for all family member. 🙂

cream puff ibusuki japan

This is the back side of cream puff.

cream puff ibusuki japan


Atsuhime Hamburger? 

Ibusuki City is famous as the birthplace of Princes Atsu who is the heroine of the long-running historical TV drama “Atsu-hime in 2008. 

Following youtube video shows you some scene of the drama.

You can enjoy the hamburger at the rest stop which is named after the Princes Atsu.

ibusuki hamburger

Everytime I visit the rest stop, I want to eat it. However, I could not eat it because I was not hungry but full.

I decided to eat it next time I visit the rest stop.

Please look forward to updating my blog.


The size of the hamburger is much bigger than I expected…!

Char-grilling chicken sends very delicious smell. The hamburger would be fantastic if I could have a glass of beer. It was a great shame that I could not drink beer because I had to drive my car.

There is a lot of cabbage inside.


I enjoyed the hamburger in the car. Sorry for my ugly face :).

The soft and thick chicken is very chewy! The texture of crispy cabbage creates good harmony with the chicken!

The hamburger is a suitable size for men, but I thought it could be too big for female.


Ibusuki Special Products

Ibusuki is proud of the 1st production of fava bean.


So, there are various kinds of souvenirs making use of fava beans.

Fava Beans of Ibusuki City

The texture of the above biscuits is very soft and dampish.


Atsu-hime Lunch Set

You can also have lunch at the second floor of the rest stop.

I wanted to have Atsu-hime lunch set which makes use of chicken produced in Ibusuki City, but the restaurant was already closed…




View fron Rest Stop Ibusuki

You can enjoy the spectacle view of Kagoshima Bay. If the weather is fine, you can see the volcano Sakurajima in the distance. I took the video of 360 degree view at the lookout near the rest stop.

Some camping cars were parked at the lot. Some people enjoy fishing under the cliff behind the rest stop. It is the good place to enjoy camping with your family.



1.5 hours from Kagoshima Chuo Station by car. 15 minutes from JR Imaizumi Station by foot.

  • TEL: 0993-27-9022
  • Winter Opining Hours(October – March) 08:30-18:00
  • Summer Opening Hours (April – September) 8:30~18:30
  • No Holiday


Recommend Cafe near Rest Stop

Many local families and young people come to the seaside cafe to enjoy delicious crapes.

Crape Shop Plage