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I took my wife to the Kagoshima Aquarium for the education of an unborn baby. We had a completely relaxing time and enjoyed watching various sea animals.



Kagoshima Aquarium

At first, I make a brief introduction of this aquarium. Kagoshima Aquarium displays about 30,000 water creatures of about 500 kinds which lives in areas raging from Kagoshima bay to south-west islands. You have relaxing time at this aquarium while watching fishes swimming slowly in water tanks.

Source: http://www.rurubu.com/

Kagoshima Aquarium is located at the seaside of Kagoshima Bay. The aquarium is famous as the popular tourist destination in Kagoshima. You can walk to the aquarium within 15 minutes from the nearest tram station “Suizokukan-mae (Literally means “in front of Aquarium”). The view of the volcano Sakurajima from the vicinity of the aquarium is breath-taking beautiful. The building is a bit similar to Opera House in Sydney in Australia but constructed with an image of Ray.

The most famous water animal of the aquarium is Whale Shark named “Yu-Yu”. He was caught in fishing net off Shibushi City, Kagoshima, Japan. His body lenghts is about 4 meter and surprized me a lot! At this dinner, I could watch Yu-Yu at very close visinity and found him very impressive. He swims in the big “Kuroshio Tide Water Tank” (1,500 tons) gracefully .

Shark Kagoshima Aquarium

(Please also watch the following Youtube video to watch this big water tank)

Other popular animal includes dolphin. The aquarium have dolphin shows 3 or 4 times a day.


We saw a small dolphin baby is swimming along its mother just before dinner time started. It is so small and cute!



Dolphin Family

Dolphin baby swims freely with her mother. The baby was just born on 18 October 2015. I took the following picture 2 months after his birth.

Dolphin Kagoshima Aquarium Baby

My wife has been pregnant for 7 months when we visit here. She gave birth a girl on 26 March 2016. One of dreams to take our baby to this aquarium and let her see this dolphin baby. I hope the dolphin’s and our baby will grow healthy.


Another Pregnant Arapaima Gigas

This Arapaima Gigas is from South America and has a pregnant belly as my wife did.

Arapaima Gigas Kagoshima Aquarium

I also prayed for the safe birth of Arapaima Gigas, too.


Special Night Dolphin Show

We enjoyed watching a special dolphin show of Kagoshima Aauarium. Usual shows are held only during daytime. This special night show was held for guests who are invited to
Aquarium Dinner Party in December.

During the show, the newly born baby swam fast in the pool as if it cheers up other dolphis. 🙂


Seal Couple

We also found a cute couple of seals. They swim freely and quickly in water tank. Male seal is named Gomataro while female one is named Gomami. They are from another aquarium in Hokkaido.

It seems that they have not had their baby yet. My wife and I enjoyed watching them as if we are watching ourselves before marriage.


Aquarium Videos

Watching dolphin swimming slowly in water tank relaxed us.

Octopus of Kagoshima Bay

Coloful Squid

You can enjoy great view of volcano Mt. Sakurajima from the top of Aquarium. (Watch following movie)


Information of Aquarium


Get off tram at “Suizokukan-mae” and walk 5 minutes



Open Hour

9:30-18:00 (Entrance – 17:00)


Open throughout year (except for 4 days starting from 1st Monday of December) 

Entrance fee

・Adult 1,500円
・Student 750 yen
・Small child (over 4 year old) 350 yen


3-1, Honkoshinmachi, Kagoshima City




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