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Kanoya Rose Garden is the biggest park of roses at Kanoya City. Surprisingly enough, the park has more than 35,000 kinds of roses. Surrounded by many roses, you will feel as if you are in happy dream. You can also get taste of rose foods at the garden.


Visit to Kanoya Rose Garden

We came here in May 2015 just before our marriage.

kanoya rose garden

Let’s enter the garden!

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_9359

The beautiful garden is surrounded by mountains.

Kanoya Rose Garden Kagoshima Japan

I thought that rose is the flower for ladies, but I was captivated by the attractiveness of roses.


Rose Video

I edited an introduction of beautiful roses at Kanoya Rose Garden. Please watch and enjoy! 🙂


Beautiful Rose Pictures

I had never thought that there would be so many kinds of rose in the world!

Kanoya Rose Garden Kagoshima Japan

Personally I like this small round-shaped rose.

Kanoya Rose Garden Kagoshima Japan

The thick red petal roses are very elegant.

Kanoya Rose Garden Kagoshima Japan

Yellow roses.

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_954

Unique roses of 2 different colors.

Kanoya Rose Garden

Many white roses make my heart delighted and happy.

Kanoya Rose Garden

Cute pink rose.

Kanoya Rose Garden

Kanoya Rose Garden

Japanese rose “Izuno-odoriko” (literally means “a dancer at Izu Peninsula).

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_4013

White rose has a pure impression.

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_4028

  2015517 鹿屋バラ園_6809  2015517 鹿屋バラ園_6738 2015517 鹿屋バラ園_7746

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_7749

Light pink rose relaxed us.

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_8447

Unique shape of rose.

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_9753

Voluminous rose!

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_9058

Unique yellow and red rose.

2015517 鹿屋バラ園_9212


Enjoy Garden

I took some photos at Kanoya Rose Park. 


At an English garden.


Rose is a flower of passion and love. Surrounded by many loves, I feel so happy!



Rose Ice Cream!?

I ate a rose-tasted ice cream for the first time in my life.



Once I ate it, beautiful scent of rose spread in my mouth.

The ice cream is very popular, because I had to be in a long line for 10 minutes before I could buy it. (Ice cream is 300 yen)


Rose Curry Rice!?

You can also taste rose curry rice at Kanoya Rose Garden. The color of the curry is the pink of rose. Curry itself has the scent of rose. 

The curry is sided with a rose tea, which my wife loved very much. 

I had a rose cider drink after the curry rice.


Information of Kanoya Rose Garden

Open Hour



Monday(If Monday is public holiday, holiday is shifted to the next day), Year-end and new year season

Entrance free

Adult 600 yen, Under High-school 110 yen. Free baby cart and wheel chair are available. 


2 hours from Kagoshima City or Kagoshima Airport by car and ferry.

Shuttle bus from Kagoshima City and Kagoshima Airport are available.

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