Introduction of Kagoshima University – Enjoy Walking on the Korimoto Campus –



Kagoshima University is a Japanese national university with 9 faculties and 10 departments. My wife took many nice videos when she walk around at the Korimoto campus of the university. Please watch and enjoy!



Study Communication Plaza

The plaza was built in 2014. It is very clean and new. Some students are studying hard and some students enjoy chatting over a cup of tea. My wife found that some students plays juggling or practicing dance. I really want to go back to university days and enjoy freedom like them! 🙂

My took the following video from the outside of the campus. 🙂



Inamori Academy

Mr.Kazuo Inamori is the founder of the Kyocera Group. He contributed generously to build this building “Inamori Academy”. He graduated from Kagoshima University in 1955. You can study Mr.Inamori’s management philosophy in the university!



Cherry Blossom in Korimoto Campus

Kagoshima is located at the south of Kyushu Island. So, you can enjoy appreciating the cherry blossoms in early Spring (from the middle of March to the early April). My wife found beautiful cherry blossoms at the Korimoto campus in Kagoshima University.

Another cherry blossom video 🙂



Tamari Lake – Traditional Japanese Garden –

There is a traditional Japanese garden in the middle of the campus. Brass bands often practice at the garden. The atmosphere is relaxing.



Unique “Shochu” Department

You can study about manufacturing and marketing of Shochu and get a bachelor and a master degree at the university. I think that it is very unique department in Kagoshima.


Cute White Bear SATTSUN

My wife loves this character very much to the extent to buy its doll at the information center of the university. I feel so jealous!

She found him on a hand-made portable shrine at the university festival of Kagoshima University.


Sattsun is the white bear wearing a traditional Japanese kimono like Mr.Saigo Takamori (a Japanese hero who is from Kagoshima and contributed to the modernization of Japan in the 19th century). How cute Sattsun is!


Nobel Prize Winner

Famous graduates from Kagoshima University include not only Mr.Inamori (the founder of the Kyocera) but also Mr.Akasaki who invented the blue LED and won the Nobel Prize in 2014. They are the prides of Kagoshima Prefecture.

My wife took the following video just after he received the prize. The words on the wall of the university congratulates him on the great achievement.



Sotetsu Trees at Entrance




Ancient Yayoi Pottery at Display

Kagoshima University displays old potteries made in Yayoi era (BC300 – AD300). When construction works are carried out in Kagoshima, sometimes dwellings and potteries of the era are discovered. 



Affiliated Primary School of Kagoshima University

Cutting-edge education is researched in this primary school of Kagoshima University. My wife want our baby to enter the school, but it is said that it is hard to enter the school because it is very popular among citizens of Kagoshima City. The number of students is about 900.


University Restraurant (Chuo-Shokudo)

Curry rice with deep fried chicken &  pickles

curry rise

Hayashi Rice is my favorite!

Very Delicious Shiobuta-Don (Salty Pork Rice)


Access to Kagoshima University (Korimoto Campus)

Take the tram and get off at “Kogakubu-Mae” station.



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