Japan train travel – Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line – (Nukumi Station to Satsuma-Imaizumi Station)



I took the video when I traveled to Ibusuki City from Kagoshima City.
I took the slow train this time, but you can take rapid or express train to go to Ibusuki City.

Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line

This line starts at the Kagoshima-Chuo Station and ends at the Makurazaki Station.
This line is the most southern line in Japan!
Many tourists get on this line and go to Ibusuki City for sightseeing.
I often take the train to go to my hometown, but I never get tired of the wonderful scenery from the window.

Nukumi Station

Many local people enjoy swimming at the Nukumi beach. Pine trees and white beaches are beautiful!
I enjoy swimming with my families and friends every year.
You can use facilities such as showers and parking lot at reasonable prices.
There is a small shop near the beach, but it is best to buy necessary things at Kagoshima City before coming to the beach.

Satsuma-Imaizumi Station

Long historical drama ATSU-HIME was broadcast in 2008.
It the story about the princess who was born near this station.
The drama captivated the heart of many people throughout the world.
Many tourists keep visiting the ruin of her house. You can see the wonderful view of Kagoshima Bay from the historical spots.



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