Sakurajima & Kuchinoerabu’s Cause of Volcanic Eruption “Kagoshima Rift Valley”




Sakurajima in Sunny Day during Rainy Season!

Sakurajima is emerging from rainy clouds.

I took the video in the morning, but since I was hurrying to the workplace, I was late for uploading this.

Sakurajima made 651st eruption today this year. (PM15:32)

Recently volcanic ash of Sakurajima flows to east due to west’ly wind. I imagine east part of Sakurajima has a lots of falling ash.

Except for Sakurajima, there are many volcanoes in Kagoshima.


Many Dangerous Volcanoes in South Kyushu!?

There are some huge volcanic craters (called “caldera”) in Kyushu. Please see the photo below.

Those craters are in vertical line called Kagoshima Rift Valley and many volcanoes are located on the valley. (ex. Aso, Sakurajima, Kaimon, Kuchinoerabu)

This rift valley was created about 3 million years ago.


I had never imagined I have lived just in the middle of craters, although I have been born and raised in Kagoshima (south of Kyushu) until now.



Volcano’s Gifts

Volcano is dangerous all right, but also gives us precious gifts.

There are many pleasant and nice hot springs in south Kyushu thanks to volcanic activities.



Above photo was taken at Yamagawa Healthy Land in Ibusuki City (my hometown) .

No matter how you feel discouraged, you will feel better after taking hot springs in this wonderful nature.


Today’s Diary

I just got married this week and have been busy moving to a new house.

Because it has been raining all the time, it is hard to protect furniture from getting wet.

In addition, it is very hot and humid in July in Kagoshima. I think it is a good diet exercise for me.

I will take my wife to local hot spring to take a good rest and thank volcanoes in my hometown this weekend.



Hot SpringsMt.Sakurajima