Night View of Kagoshima City from Volcano SAKURAJIMA (17 May 2015)



I took this video at Volcano Mt.Sakurajima on 17 May 2015.
I always take the video of the mountain from Kagoshima City.
So, I took the opposite video today. I took city view of Kagoshima City from Mt.Sakurajima.


Introduction to Mt.Sakurajima
Mt. Sakurajima is the symbolic mountain of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
The mountain is located at the south of Kyushu Island, Japan.
Mt. Sakurajima is an active volcano. Eruption occurs almost every day! It is really exciting to come to the island. You can watch its eruptions at only 3km from its crater!
Mt. Sakurajima has an elevation of 1,117 meters. Sadly it is impossible to climb the mountain for safety.


Let’s Drive at Mt.SAKURAJIMA.
I took ferry from Kagoshima City this morning and arrived at Mt.Sakurajima.
I enjoyed driving around Mt. Sakurajima with my friend.
I could take many nice photos and videos of the mountain, including its huge eruption.

When I took the video, it almost got dark.
We parked our car at a small park which is facing Kagoshima Bay.
We could see many beautiful lights of Kagoshima City. We also witnessed a light of Ferris of Kagoshima-Chuo Station!

It is incredible that the beautiful city is only 4km from Mt.Sakurajima!
Surprisingly enough, local people don’t get panic and they think it is dangerous even if Mt.Sakurajima makes big eruptions, because they are get used to it.