Sakurajima eruption getting active!



Sakurajima is the famous volcano in Kagoshima, south of Japan.

As of 25th March 2015, the eruption took place more than 200 times this year!

The Sakurajima has been increasingly active recently.

About 10 years ago, I remember the volcano erupted about once in three days.

But it erupts several times everyday now!



Recent Japanese volcanoes

In addition to Sakurajima, many other Japanese volcanoes are active recently.

On 27th September 2014, the Ontake erupted suddenly at Nagano prefecture.

The eruption killed as many as 57 people. The number was the worst record after world war 2.

The earth gives us many clamities, but at the same time, give us beautiful scenery.

Amazing view of Volcano “Sakurajima” in the morning (25th, March, 2015)


The Name of Sakurajima

“Sakura” means the cherry blossom tree and “Jima” means the island.

Actually, I think that there are not so many cherry blossoms on the island.

Thre are three popular theories about the origin of the name.

1) When Sakurajima was created, the Kagoshima Bay was filled with petals of cherry blossoms. I think that this theory is the myth. It is physically impossible to fill the large bay with petals.

2) The name was derived from the local governmental officer who came from Kyoto in the 10th century.

3) One shrine in Sakurajima worships the female God (Konohana-Sakuya) who are said to plant seeds of cherry blossoms in Japanese Islands.


Cherry blossoms in Kagoshima

Kagoshima’s cherry blossoms are the earliest in Japan.

They started to be in full bloom in the middle of March.

Following video is the the cherry blossom tree in Kagoshima City (25th March 22015)