Calm Eruption Smoke of Sakurajima and Pleasant Morning – Sakurajima’s Products – 22 May 2015



Calmness after series of big eruption
Mt.Sakurajima made 2 big eruptions yesterday.
Surprisingly enough, the smoke reached as high as 4,000 meter!
I took the video just after I got out this morning.
Yesterdays active eruption has stopped and thin long smoke is coming out of crater.


Did you know about Mt.Sakurajima
Mt.Sakurajima is famous for 2 agricultural production.
One is called “Sakurajima-Daikon”. It is the biggest radish in the world.
Another is called “Sakurajima-Komikan” or Satsuma Komikan. It is the smallest orange in the world.
2015-03-17_2047271421015581064sakurajima mikan


Changing City and Unchanged Volcano
You can see a construction crane at the right side of the video.
Kagoshima City Hospital was newly built in my neighborhood this month.
University is located adjacent to the hospital. So, constructers are busy building new apartments!
Kagoshima City has been changing very rapidly since I came to the city 5 years ago. However, Mt.Sakurajima has not changed its great appearance at all.
Mt.Sakurajima is 25,000 year old. I hope the mountain gently watching us forever.