Kagoshima Tourist Exchange Center near Kagoshima-Chuo Station and Kotsuki River



There are lots of sightseeing places in Kagoshima City.

In order to go to many time in your limited time, please make a visit to travel information center at Kagoshima-Chuo Station or travel center near Kotsuki River.


Travel Guide Center

If you are going to seightseeing in Kaqgoshima City, please go to this center.

This center will help your trip in Kagoshima.

At 1st Floor of the center, you can get useful tips during your trip in Kagoshima.

Center staff will kindly help you and you can get travel brochures for free!

At 2nd Floor, you can take a meal at a restaurant with a nice view of Sakurajima and Kotsuki river.


Another Travel Information Center

There is another travel information center in Kagoshima-Chuo Station

(Travel Information Center in Kagoshima-Chuo Station)


How to go to the center

Please go out of the east gate of Kagoshima-Chuo Station.

Then take the Napoli Street and walk about 10 minutes (See Map)