Unique Vending Machines in Kagoshima, Japan



 Like other prefectures in Japan, there are many unique vending machines in Kagoshima. To what extent you know about Japanese vending machines?



Level 1 : Normal Vending Machine

This video introduces how to use a vending machine to get a drink. Maybe you already know how to do it.

I recommend you to keep Japanese coins in your wallet during your trip in Kagoshima and other places of Japan, because many vending machine cannot accept paper bills such as 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen bills. It is wise to make some coins at airports once you arrived in Japan.


Level 2 :Coffee Vending Machine

Introduction of how to use Japanese vending machine. This machine is especially appreciated in cold winter. You can drink fresh and warm coffee.



Level 4 : Ice Cream Vending Machine

Japan has wide variety of vending machines including this ice cream type.

There are lots of flavors, including “Sweet potato” flavor. Sweet potato is one of the main productions in Kagoshima.


Level 5 : Alchol Vending Machine

One unique about the Japan is the presence of ALCOHOL vending machine.

When I went abroad, I had never seen this kind of vending machine. It is very convenient for alcohol lovers to buy beverages at nearby machines, because they don’t have to go to shops.



Level 6 : Cup Noodle Vending Machine

I found a unique cup noodle machine on the ferry from Satuma-Sendai City to Koshiki Islands.

You can choose the favorite cup noodle. The vending machine is wise enough to pour hot water into your cup.


If I find other interesting vending machines in Kagoshima, I will post the video at this article.