Children-Friendly Restaurants in Kagoshima, Japan



This article introduces children-friendly restaurants in Kagoshima, Japan.

Those places are all where we visited for ourserlves.

I hope this article is of use for you.

* We marked if the restaurant is especially firnedly.

* We marked ◎ if the restaurant has Japanese-style table.


Children-Friendly Restaurant Map

Cliking on an icon on the map leads you to article of each restaurant.


Kagoshima City

Following article introduces children-friendly lunch spots in Kagoshima City.


Ibusuki City


The restaurant is located in forests. There is a sofa seat.

Tosenkyo Somen Noodle

Going around style somen noodle will captivate child mind!


This is the old Japanese-style restaurant.

Cache Cache

The stylish cafe is located on the foot of Mt. Kaimon.


Minamikyushu City

Satsuma Eikokukan

The cafe is across the street of Satsuma Samurai Residence. There are seats for children.


Minamisatsuma City

Kasasa Ebisu

You can enjoy various kinds of sea food. There are seats for children.


Hioki City


This is the relaxing cafe. Staff is friendly to children.


The cafe is Japanese style restaurant. Lunch is very delicious!


Kirishima City

Following article introduces children-friendly restaurant in Kirishima City.


Shibushi City

Michinoeki Matsuyama Yacchiku Furusatomura

You can eat as much sweet as you want! Children will be delighted!


Tarumizu City

Michinoeki Tarumizu Hamabira

You can have lunch while viewing Kinko bay. There is Japanele-style table.

Tarumizu Daizukan

You can have lunch made of soy beans.


Minamiosumi Town


Sashimi bowl is very nice.


Kimotsuki Town


You can have fresh sea food. Sashimi is especially popular.


Nagashima Town

Hana Cafe Nagashima

The cafe is beside the Bougainvillea flower field. There was no child seat.

Nagashima Potato House Boyo

The restaurant faces East China Sea. The atmosphere is relaxing.


Old Japanese-Style Cafe

How about having lunch or tea at traditional Japanese-style cafe in relaxing atmosphere.


Children-Friendly Cafe (Kagoshima City)

Following article introduces children-friendly cafe in Kagoshima City.