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 The tomb of the parents of first emperor is Aira-Sanryo, which is located at Kanoya City. The atmosphere of the tomb filled with sacred air. The place is also famous as the spiritual power spot. I felt my spirit was purified by the air of the place. 


History of Aira-Sanryo and 1st Emperor Jinmu

According to the historical books, the God Amaterasu ordered Ninigi to govern the land of Japan.

After Ninigi, his son Hoori and grandson Ugayafukiaezu governed the Japan.

The 1st emperor Jinmu is the son of Ugayafukiaezu or the great grandson of Ninigi.

I made the following table to explain the relationship of 1st emperor and his ancestral Gods.

Relations Name Worshiped Shrine Tomb
Great Grandfather Ninigi (nephew of Amaterasu) Kirishima Jingu(Kirishima City)、Nitta(Satsuma-sendai City) Enoyama Sanryo(Satsuma-sendai City)
Grandfather Hoori Kagoshima Jingu(Kirishima City) Takayayama Sanryo(Kirishima City)
Father Ugayafukiaezu Udo Shrine(Nichinan City) Aira Sanryo(Kanoya City)
Jinmu (1st emperor)    

The father of emperor Jinmu “Ugayafukiaezu” and mother “Tamayoribime” are believed to be buried at Aira-Sanryo (Kanoya City).


Visit to Aira-Sanryo

Aira-Sanryo is located at the center of the Osumi Peninsula.

When we visit the place, there was almost no people except for us.

We could only hear the sound of stream and whistling sounds of trees and birds.


Deep forests and clean air of the mountain made me felt my soul is purified.

We found a bridge after the entrance.

We found warning notices of Imperial Household Agency. (following picture)

warning of imperial household agency

bridge of Aira-Sanryo

bridge of Aira-Sanryo

We crossed a bridge and beautiful stream appeared in front of us!

beautiful stream of Aira-Sanryo


Aira-Sanryo is a very quiet place. We could only hear our walking sounds.

Forest of Aira-Sanryo

It was very pleasant to walk in the nature of Aira-Sanryo.

worship road of Aira-Sanryo


Another “Ise Shrine”

While we were at the Aira-Sanryo, I could not help but remember Ise Shrine (Mie Prefecture) which I had visited several years ago.

When we visited Ise Shrine, sound of stream of Isuzu River welcomed us and then we crossed the bridge.

We washed our hands at the river side of Isuzu River.

We reached the “Naiku” building of Ise Shrine afterr waling a long graveled road .

Aira-Sanryo resembles Naiku of Ise Shrine very much.

Later we knew that the different name of Aira-Sanryo is “Ko-Ise” (literally means “small Ise Shrine”)


We found a stair down to the stream.

stair down to the stream

We discovered something special in a distance from the river side!

shrine gate of Aira-Sanryo

We discovered a small bridge and a shrine gate!bridge and shrine gate

Because it is the sacred place where Gods rest, we refrained from taking its photos in a close distance.

We backed from the river side to the path to the shrine gate.

Shortly the fence blocked the path in front of the bridge and we could not go further.

We could see the shrine gate at the another side of the river.

This is the place where Ugayafukiaezu and Tamayoribime rests. The air was filled with something very spiritual at the place.

We could see a cave over the shrine gate, but it was too dark to see the inside of the cave.


Best Season to Visit

Many people visit the Aira-Sanryo at the time of new year.

Cherry blossoms are beautiful from end of March to the beginning of April.

Maple trees are beautiful from the middle of November to the beginning of December.


After visit to the Aira-Sanryo, we obtained the information that it is possible to obtain the Goshuin (sacred shrine seals) at Aira-Sanryo. So, we are going to visit the place again and please look forward to the update!


Travel Information


  • About 1 hour from Tarumizu Ferry Terminal.
  • Get off Osumi Highway at Kasanohara IC and drive southward for about 30 minutes.

Open Hour





Kamimyo, Airacho, Kanoya City


Tomb of parents of 1st Japan's emperor