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Hirakiki Shrine is the 1st shrine in Satsuma region of Kagoshima Prefecture.


Worshipped God

The shrine worships Amaterasu and other 8 Gods



Hirakiki shrine is said to have benefits in safety of transportation and ship navigation and fishery.

It is said among local people that the shrine is good at conducting purification of new car from the car accident.


Shrine Gate

Here is the shrine gate of the Hirakiki Shrine. I took the following photo at the time of “Reitaisai” or regular festival.

shrine gate of hirakiki shrine

Many huge camphor trees create mysterious and spiritual atmosphere. 🙂


New Year Visit

My parents’ house is located near Hirakiki shrine. At the time of near year, our family usually visits the Hirakiki Shrine to make a prayer for health and wealth of our family. There were many visitors to the shrine and many peddlers at the shrine garden.

new year of hirakiki shrine


New Year’s Video in 2015

I took the following video from the shrine gate to the main building of the shrine. It is very jolly!

For your information, we usually buy delicious dumplings at the peddler shop “Koala Manju” every year.


Good Luck Fortune

Many good luck fortunes are sold during new year.

Those fortunes are very beautiful and colorful.

Young priestess are busy selling fortunes to visitors.

fortunes of hirakiki shrine

Each fortune has different effects such as healing disease, safe birth of baby, business success.

THe arrow of the following picture is called “Hamaya” and is also a fortune. It is believed to keep away evil spirits.

fortunes of hirakiki shrine

We bought following fortunes. They are very cute. 🙂

We bought portable fortunes (for me and wife), long life fortunes for our grandmothers and safe transportation fortunes for our car.

fortunes of hirakiki shrine

Those fortunes of Hirakiki shrine will make our family happy and healthy this year!


Sacred Seal

The collection of “Goshuin” or sacred seal of shrines has got popular among many people.

When you visit a shrine, the priest usually gives you the seal if you ask.

The collection of many seals of shrines is the powerful fortune for you.

You have to return a normal fortune to the shrine, but you can keep those seals for lifetime. 🙂

I bought the following book to collect seals at Hirakiki Shrine.

Beautiful Mt. Kaimon is depicted on its cover.

shrine sacred seal notebook

I received a seal at Hirakiki Shrine.

This is my first Goshuin seal in my life.



The price of Goshuin seal is different according to shrines, but normally the price is 300 yen.

I have collected many Goshuin seals after visit to Hirakiki Shrine.



Hoze Festival

Hoze Festival is held from 14th to 16th October every year at Hirakiki Shrine in order to pay gratitude to God for the year’s harvest. 

Hoze Festival


Shinbu (Sacred dance)

On 14th October (1st day of Hoze Festival), sacred dance is dedicated to the God.

The dance is so spiritual and mysterious at night…!

Regular Annual Festival is conducted on 15th October.

“Shinkosai” and “Hoze Sumo wrestling” are conducted on 16th October.

When I was in primary school, I also participated in the festival and fought as a sumo wrestler (I was always defeated, though).


Regular Annual Festival

“Reitaisai” or Regular Annual Festival is conducted on 15th of October.

Shinto priests in special clothes are walking to the main building.

Regular Annual Festival of Hirakiki Shrine

Prayer to God is given besides the main building prior to the main ceremony.


Main ceremony is conducted in the main shrine building.


I was so lucky to witness Regular Annual Festival of Hirakiki Shrine!

I took the video of the ceremony. Please have a look!

Speaking of Regular Annual Festival of shrines, Kirishima Higashi Shrine is also wonderful!

See Article→Regular Festival of Kirishima-Higashi Shrine


Shrine Information


About 1.5 hour from Kagoshima City by car. Free parking lot is available.

Walk 10 minutes after getting off train at JR Kaimon Station.




1366, Juccho, Kaimon, Ibusuki City


Spiritual power spot in Ibusuki City.