Cape Koibito at Io Island, Kagoshima, Japan



This article introduces Cape Koibito at Io Island, Kagoshima, Japan.

Koibito means lover in Japanese.

You can have a wonderful view of Io Port and Io Island from the cape.

Please make a visit to the cape when you come to Io Island.




The cape is located at high place of Io Island.

I recommend you to drive a car to the place instead of walking.

There is a cow farm on your way to the cape from the village.

This scenery is very peaceful.

You will soon arrive at the cape after passing the Misaki Bridge.

misaki bridge

Let’s take a look blow the bridge.

You can see Io Island Port. The water color is red. You can see Mt. Io in distance.

io island port

Let’s look at the bridge from the Io Island Port. The height of the bridge is very high!

misaki bridge and io island port


Cape Koibito

We arrived at the cape. There is a small park at the cape.

Mt. Io is erupting and smoke is springing up.

io island

The smoke of Mt. Io and red shoreline of the island cannnot help you imaging the huge power of the earth.

Why not ring the happiness chime with your lover?

cape koibito

Please make a visit to this cape of the wonderful view!


Information of Cape Koibito


Io Island, Mishima Village, Kagoshima, Japan


The cape of the wonderful view!


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