Cape Toi – Wonderful View of Ocean Pacific and Wild Horses –



The cape Toi is located at the southernmost of Miyazaki Prefecture. You can enter its lighthouse and enoy seeing wild horses at this place. If the weather is fine, please drive to the cape and enjoy its wonderful ocean view from the cape.


Arrive at Cape Toi

After wonderful lunch at Service Station “Michinoeki Matsuyama” (Shibushi City), we drove westward for about 1.5 hours.

We arrived at the Cape Toi. The weather was fine. Blue sky and ocean were wonderful.Cape Toi

We paied money at the entrance of the Cape Toi. The fee was 400 yen for 1 car.

Once we entered into the park, we happened to meed many wild horses “Misaki-Uma”.

They are freely hanging around the park. It is better to drive slowly.

wild horses misaki-uma at cape toi



We visited the lighthouse of Cape Toi.

We paid 200 yen per 1 person to enter the lighthouse.

The height of the lighthouse is 245m above sea level. I felt my legs got numb when I looked down the steep cliff.

The lighthouse is the entrance of Shibushi Bay, which is open to southeast. So ships in the bay are easily influenced by the wind and have sometimes had accidents. The lighthous has played a crucial role for safety of ships.

lighthouse of cape toi

The lighthouse is big!

lighthouse of cape toi

You can have a wonderful view of Ocean Pacific from the lighthouse.


It was windy and please be careful that your had is blown away.

Lighthouse Museum is located at the entrance of lighthouse.

You can study the history of the lighthouse.


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Misaki Shrine

We drove from the lighthouse to the shrine for 5 minutes.

The benefits of the shrine is the safety of marine navigation and marriage.

Many marine accidents have happened near the Cape Toi from the past. So, the shrine has played an important religious role in the region.

Today I prayed for my friend so that he will meet a nice lady in near future.


We took long stairs down to the ocean.

Cycad and many other tropical plants have grown in the shrine.

Those cycads are the northernmost of naturally grown cycads. They are desighnated as the special natural heritage.

cape toi

We found the main shrine building which is high above the cliff.

But the road to the building was blocked due to safety.

misaki shrine

Rough sea is just below the shrine building.

Rough ocean waves were hitting the coastline.

cape toi


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I hope my friend will meet a new girlfriend in near future.

We didn’t have enough time to visit Visitor Center “Umano-yakata”. I recommend you to visit the center if you are interested in the life of wild horses (entrance fee of the center is 300 yen for over high school students).

Travel Information



About 1.5 hours from Michinoeki Matsuyama. About 1.5 hours from Miyakonojo IC of Kyushu Expressway.


About 45 minutes from JR Kushima Station to the bus stop “Toimisaki”.

Open Hour

09:00-16:30(no holiday)

Entrance Fee

Car 400 yen, Motorcycle 100 yen (Additional fee is required for the lighthouse area and Umano-Yakata)


Panorama view of Ocean Pacific


Travel Spots near Cape Toi