Huge Eruption of Mt.Sakurajima attacks Kagoshima City! World’s End?



I was so sleepy when I got up this morning. I slowly moved to the balcony to water plants.
Then…Oh my god! The eruption scenery astonished me! 
Massive eruption smoke and falling ash are approaching to Kagoshima City!

It looks as the smoke is the 8-branched giant snake, which appears in the story of Japan’s Creation Story.
The snake is spreading its 8 heads to the sky. The snake is about to throw up Kagoshima City!


Sudden Eruption

The volcano had been very calm until yesterday this week.
Maybe the volcano has kept the smoke inside the body for a long time.
The erupting appearance is just like my boss at my workplace.  Mt.Sakurajima just lost his/her temper now!


Most Concern is…

I quickly checked the weather forecast and found that the wind direction is from east to west.
Mt.Sakurajima is located at the east of Kagoshima City, so the eruption smoke will definitely come to the city.
The amount of falling ash is enormous.

If only I could put fallen ash in a can an put is on market… Do you think anybody will buy it as a souvenir or Kagoshima Prefecture?


History of Big Eruptions of Mt.Sakurajima

The volcano has made 3 big eruption in history.  Let’s take a brief look.

・Bunmei Eruption in 1471
 The number of the dead is not clear. You can feel the magnitudes of the eruption if you visit huge lava fields at north and south of Mt.Sakurajima. At that time in Kagoshima, 2 big feudal lords were fighting against each other over the territory of Mt.Sakurajima. I think the eruption surprised fighting soldiers so much and they quickly stop fighting, then run away from Sakurajima.

・Anei Eruption in 1779

 The eruption killed as many as 150 people. The eruption was so big that volcanic ash reached Nagasaki City and Tokyo. How powerful the volcano is!

・Taisho Eruption in 1914
 The eruption killed about 60 people. Lots of lava flowed out of crater and connected Mt.Sakurajima with Osumi Peninsula.

Since them the Sakurajima has not been the ISLAND any longer. Strangely enough, however, people still call Mt.Sakurajima as an Island until now. (Mt.Sakurajima’s “jima” literally means “island” in Japanese words)


Massive Ash fell on Kagoshima City after the Eruption

It is still 8 o’clock in the morning, but it is dark like evening.
Volcano Mt.Sakurajima erupted this morning and it caused massive amount of ash falling on Kagoshima City.
I am driving a car but I can hardly see in front of me! Please watch and enjoy! I hope you can feel the real life atmosphere of Kagoshima Prefecture!

At the almost same time of Mt.Sakurajima’s eruption, another eruption took place at Kuchinoerabu Island, southwest of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Many volcanoes have been very active recently. Those active volcanoes include Mt.Sakurajima, Mt.Hakone, Mt.Ontake and Mt. Calbuco. 

We have to be very careful so as not to get injured by those volcanic activities!



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