Beautiful Volcanoes in Kagoshima – Mt.Sakurajima and Mt.Kaimon –




Crater of Sakurajima close to City!

Recently Japanese volcanoes are very active.

Kuchinoerabu Island, Hakone Mountain, Mt.Ontake, Mt.Shinmoe… Mt.Sakurajima maybe erupt enormously in near future.

The Showa crater of Mt.Sakurajima is only 10km from Kagoshima City.

It is very important to keep watching the volcanic activities carefully.



3 types of volcanoes

There are 3 kinds of volcanoes according to the shape. I remember I have to memorize those words when I was in high school.

1) Lava domes

If the lava is very sticky, the shape of volcano becomes round.

2) Shield volcanoes

If the lava is not sticky, the shape of volcanoes becomes flat. Many volcanoes in Hawaii belong to the category of Shield Volcanoes. 

3) Stratovolcanoes

The stickiness between Lava Domes and Shield Volcanoes creates the cone shape. Many Japanese volcanoes including Mt.Fuji and Mt.Sakurajima belong to Stratovolcanoes.


Unique Volanoe in Kagoshima

Mt.Kaimon (Ibusuki City)’s shape is between Lava Domes and Stratovolanoes.

The lower part is Stratovolano and the upper part is Lava Dome.

You will not notice the difference of the shape at a glance, but the shape of the mountain is different at around the 7th station.

I climbed the volcano when I was in junior high school. The climbing road gets very steep from the 7th station.

I was exhausted but impressed by the great scenery at the top of Mt.Kaimon.




Wonderful Spot to see Mt.Kaimona

My hometown is located in Ibusuki City. Every time I return my old home, I enjoy taking a bath at Healthy Land.

You can take a natural hot bath at only 500 yen. Your skin gets very beautiful (I am a man, though…)

You can see great view of the mountain and East China Sea while enjoying a pleasant bath.

The best time to visit the hot spring is evening. Please see the following photo.




Today’s Sakurajima

This is the 4th day after Kagoshima entered rainy season. Heavy rains are falling this morning.

Thick rainy clouds are hiding the volcano.

It is very hot and humid during the season. I want to see the great view of the Sakurajima.

(5 June 2015)



・Mt.Sakurajima belongs to stratovolcano. The crater is only 10km from Kagoshima City.

・Mt.Kaimon consists of stratovolcano and lava dome.

・You can have the great view of Mt.Kaimon at Healthy Land in Ibusuki City.



Natural Beauty