Chiringashima Island viewd from Mt. Uomi (Ibusuki City, Japan)



Tidal effects connect Chiringashima Island and Ibusuki City twice a day. The scenery of the island viewed from the top of Mt. Uomi is very beautiful. You can climb the mountain by car. Spring is the best season to come here to appreciate beautiful cherry blossoms.



Mt. Uomi 

Mt. Uomi is the mountain of 215m height  at Ibusuki City. Many people travel to Ibusuki City every year, but I think that few people come to this secret place.

You can have the spectacle view of Chiringashima Island and Kagoshima Bay from the top of the mountain. If weather if fine, you can also see Mt. Sakurajima and Yakushima Island (the 1st World Natural Heritage in Japan). My family goes to the mountain every year to see beautiful cherry blossoms in Spring. 


Chiringashima Island

Chiringashima Island has the nick name of “Chiririn Road” among local people. No people live on the island.

The 800m sandy road appears twice (or once) a day and connects the island and Ibusuki City and you can walk to the island. Following video shows how the sandy road is created.

This phenomenon is geographically unique. If you stay at the island too long, the sandy road disappears. So please be careful of tidal calendars.


View of Ibusuki City

I took the video of scenery from Mt. Uomi from another angle.



Access to Mt. Uomi

・1 hour from Kagoshima City by car

Nishikata, Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-0311, Japan