FUKIAGE SAND FESTIVAL – Beautiful Sandy Statues at Fukiage Beach, Kagoshima –




Finaly I could vidit Sand Festival!

Sand Statue Festival is held every May at Fukuage Beach in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Many artists display their sandy masterpiece at the beach.

I have not visited the festival  until I became 33 years old this year!

saiten suna1

I took the photo at the entrance of festival. It was getting dark in evening. The festival is crowded and very jolly!

I love visiting festivals since I was a child.


Many Local Foods of Kagoshima

Many small shops sell local foods of Kagoshima

Those foods rage from Kurobuta pork, Satsuma-age, Keihan….


I bought a pork stick of Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork. It is very juicy and chewy!

I really really wanted a glass of bear with this pork, but resisted the desire, because I had to drive a car to go back home.



Great Sandy Statue Princess Kaguya

All Japanese people know the old folklore “Kaguya-Hime”. It is also known as the 1st Space Fantasy in the world.

I wonder how long it took to make the elaborate masterpiece. It is just incredible!

I feel deep sadness in the face of Princess Kaguya who tells farewell to old parents.


I came to see the statue at night again.

The statue is so vivid that I felt as if it starts moving!




Most Famous Battle in Japan “SAKAOTOSHI”

The statues describes the Japanese battle of 800 years ago. Samurais are riding hoses and came down on very steep cliff.

The leader of Samurais “Since deer runs freely on the cliff, our horses also can get down the cliff!”


I admire their courage in the battle. 

Because I am afraid of standing at a high place, it is definitely impossible for me to do the same thing.




Beautiful Fireworks at Night

Sand statues are held throughout May, but you can see fireworks until 5th of May or end of Golden Week Holidays.

Many fireworks are displayed from July to September in Japan, but you can see very early firework in May at this festival.

I enjoyed appreciating 20-minute firework display with changing colors of lights and beautiful music.

sunanosaiten firework1


I took the video of the firework show. I hope you will watch and enjoy!



・Sand Festival is held at Fukiage Beach in every May.

・Sandy statues are very elaborate and impressive. 

・Don’t miss beautiful firework which is displayed during Golden Week!