Autumn Tree Market (2016) – Green Oasis in Kagoshima City –



Tree market is held at the bank of Kotsuki River in spring and autumn of every year. Many poeple visit the market to enjoy appreciating many kinds of plants or buying them for their gardens. This time we visited the autumn market.


Arrived at Autumn Tree Market

We came to the Autumn Tree Market.

The weather was lovely on that day.

Marketplace was crowded with people.

Entrance of Tree Market

The market was lively like a festival.

Street vendors of Octopus balls and steamed buns appeared at the market.

street vendors of tree market

I introduce some pictures which we took at the market.


Gardening Shops

Beautiful Flower Shop

It was autumn, but those flowers made us feel as if Spring came.

    Beautiful Flower Shop 

Flower bulbs and gardening tools were sold.

 flower bulbs of tree market  

Various kinds of young plants were sold.

It is a fun to think which one to plant for your garden.

young seedlings of tree market 

Personally I love the Dahlia flower (following picture).

Searching for your favorite plant is another way to enjoy the tree market.

 dahlia flower of tree market

Those many kinds of flowers were beautiful.

various flowers of tree market    various flowers of tree market flowers of tree market   

I found a flower of cotton.

It was surprizing for us to know that we can buy the unique flowers.

cotton flower


Ausome Bonsai Art

Those small young pine trees grow up to masterpieces of Bonsai art.

young pine trees

What a wondefull Bonsai. I wish if I could have it in the living room.

excellent bonsai of tree market

Impressive Bonsai

Impressive Bonsai

bonsai art of tree market

Those Bonsai arts were interesting, so we could forget the elapse of time.

bonsai art of tree market

bonsai art of tree market


Fluits Tree

Persimmon is the seasonal fluit of autumn.

persimmon trees various kinds of young tree various kinds of young tree



Japanese Tree Arts

I found a shop which was selling cute arts of small trees.


Addition of those items will make the garden more interesting.

moss art

Miniature art

Miniature art

Small world of Wabi & Sabi.

Miniature art

I put my mobile phone so that you understand the small size of the art.

Miniature art

It will be relaxing to put those kinds of small art at room.

Miniature art

Miniature art  

Miniature art on tatami mat.

Miniature art

Miniature art Miniature art  Miniature art pa290115 


Other Shops

There are not only gardening shops but also other interesting shops at the tree market.

Bird Shop

Children were watching various birds interestingly.bird shop

Colorful birds.

colorful birds


Goldfishes and turtles were sold.

goldfish of tree market



My Comments

The market is the famous seasonal event of Kagoshima.

If you are interested in the gardening, I am sure you will like the market. Even if we don’t know much about the gardening, it was fun to watch various kinds of plants at the market.

We look forward to visiting the tree market of spring.


Travel Information

Market Place

Bank of Kotsuki River


10 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by foot. Parking lot is free for first 90 minutes.

Market Period

Spring Market : 15th March – 15th May

Autumn Market : 15 October – 15th November

Open Hour

10:00 – 17:00


Seasonal market of plants


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