Ibusuki Onsen (Hot Spring) 2 nice places to take sand bath!




Oriental Hawaii

Ibusuki is the south of Kagoshima City.

Many travelers have come to the city to enjoy hot springs!

Ibusuki is the only place where you can take hot bath.

The sand includes the ingredients of hot springs.

Those ingredients promotes the flow of your blood and improves metabolism.

In addition, there is an open-air bath from which you can view the beautiful mountain Kaimon and ocean.


Sunamushi SARAKU”

You can take sand bath at two places at Ibusuki City

Firstly, SARAKU is very popular place and many travelers come.

As many as 200 people can take the sand bath when the tide ebbs.

You can take a rest in a room after taking sand bath

Website of SARAKU


Opening period: throughout the year

Opening hours: 08:30-21:00 (order before at 20:30)

Please be noted that you cannot take the bath between 12:00 and 13:00 for cleaning.

Car Parking: Free

SARAKU TEL: 0993-32-3900

Fare: 900 yen for adult (510 yen for children under 12)

Above fare includes Yukata (special Japanese style clothes to take sand bath)



Sunamushi SAYURI

Secondly, SAYURI is also a nice place to take hot bath.

Compared to SARAKU, SAYURI is quite place and you can enjoy hearing the sound of waves while enjoying sand bath.

Many local people including me come to SAYURI, but it maybe difficult for travelers to drive through small roads.

If you want to go to SAYURI, it is necessary to use car navigation and enter the following tell number.

Website of SAYURI


You can also enjoying having boiled eggs and potatoes steamed by heat of sand bath!


Opening period: throughout the year

Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:30 (19:00 July to September)

SAYURI TEL: 0993-35-2669

Fare: 920 yen for adult (560 yen for children under 12)