CHIRAN PEACE MUSEUM, military base for Kamikaze Pilots during World War 2




Kamikaze Attack

Military base was located on this town at the end of World War 2.

Many airplane departed this base for south with only half way fuel and full of bombs.

Those pilots committed suicide attacks against battleships. Those attack is called Kamikaze attack.

Chiran Peace Museum

The museum display portfolio and relics of those pilots.

Kamikaze attacks were carried out during the battle of Okinawa.

You will feel very sorry for them and can understand how important the world peace is by visiting this museum.

Suicide attacks by airplane with bombs against battleship are the most tragic way of battle and should not be carried out again.

I think that many pilots hoped that this world would become peaceful before their departure.

Official Home Page of Chiran Peace Museum

Notes left behind pilots

The notes ssentence are very touching

They told you the importance of life and world peace.

Following my translation from Japanese into English

“Mom, I just want to meet you”

“Dad, my dear dad, mom, my dear man, thank you very much for taking care of me for a long time”.

“Human life is said to be 50 years. I have lived to 20 years old. I give remaining 30 years to dad and mom”.

“I will die with a smile. So, I hope mom will not cry but smile”.

Access to Museum

From Kagoshima Airport

1.5 hours by car or taxi (there is no direct shuttle bus from the airport)

From Kagoshima-Chuo Station

1.5 hours by bus and get off at Tokko-Kannon-Iriguchi bus stop

1 hour by car or taxi

From Ibusuki-Station

1 hour by bus and get off at Tokko-Kannon-Iriguchi bus stop

50 minutes by car or taxi

Opening Period:

The museum is open throughout year except for special reasons such as hurricanes.


Opening hours

From 09:00 to 17:00

You can enter the museum by 16:30


Entrance Fee

Indivisual 500 yen for 1 adult, 300 yen for child under junior-high school students.

Group (over 30 people) 400 yen for 1 adult, 240 yen for child under junior-high school students.

Common Tickets to Peace Museum and History Museum

If you buy this tickets, you can enter into both museums.

600 yen for adult  (200 yen discounts)

400 yen (100 yen discounts)

Please be noted that History museum is closed on Wednesdays.


You can lend wheelchairs and baby cars for free.