Introduction “Saigo Takamori Hideout & Suicide Site” : Death of Kagoshima’s Hero, Final Battle of Seinan Rebellion



Seinan Rebellion took place in 1877 in Japan. The war is the final rebellion in Japanese history. Finally I could discovered the sight of Mr.Saigo Takamori suicide at the foot of Mt.Shiroyama in Kagoshima City, Japan. In spite of the disgraceful position as the “rebel’s leader”, Mr. Saigo has been loved and nicknamed by local people as “Saigo-don” and respected the greatest contributor to Meiji Restoration. 🙂


Saigo Takamori Hideout

Seinan Rebellion took place in February 1877 and ended September 1877. Several rebellions took place after Meiji era started from 1868, but Seinan rebellion is the last and the largest rebellion in Japanese history.
At the end of the Seinan Rebellion, new governments armies surrounded Mr.Saigo and his subordinates (only about 370 in total) at Shiroyama (108m above sea level). Before his death, Mr.Saigo has spent 5 days at the hideout below.


I wonder what Mr.Saigo was thinking about before he left the hideout for the last battle…


Many people including local Kagoshima people believe that Mr. Saigo died at this cave, but the fact is different. His suicide place is 15 minutes away from the hideout by foot


Video of Saigo Takamori Hideout


Sight of Suicide(Video)

In the morning of 24 September 1877, new government military started firing at Mr.Saigo and his troops on Shiroyama.

Mr.Saigo left the hideout and headed for the government military, but he was shot and wounded. It was when Mr.Saigo asked his subordinate to kill himself.

Many rebellion wars have taken place at many place in the world today. I hope the no rebellion will happen after the Seinan Rebellion (1877) in future.

If I get new information about Mr.Saigo, I will keep updated my blog.


Famous Movie of Mr.Saigo Model

Several years ago, “LAST SAMURAI” got very popular. In the movie, the last samurai “Katsumoto” is the model of Mr.Saigo. (featured by “Mr. Watanabe Ken)

Following movie is the last battle scene.

In the movie, new modern weapons such as gun overwhelms traditional samurai soldiers armed with swords.

Mr. Saigo is truly the last samurai in Japanese history.


Seinan Rebellion Movie

Mr.Enoki Takaaki featured Mr.Saigo’s loyal subordinate Mr.Nakamura Hanjiro.

One of my relatives features Mr.Saigo in the movie. So, I personally recommend the movie to you!


Other Mr. Saigo History Site

His Birthplace in Kagoshima City

It is more convenient to go to Mr.Saigo’s birthplace than his death place. The birthplace is located within 15 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by foot, while the death place is located in the middle of residential place with no nearby parking lots.


Access to Saigo’s Cave and Suicide Site

  • It is convenient to visit Saigo’s Cave by Kagoshima City View Bus
  • Suicide site of Saigo is not equipped with parking lot. It is wise to visit the site by foot.

Map (Saigo’s Cave)

Saigo's Cave