Volcano Sakurajima from Aira City (north of Kagoshima City)



I took the video of the volcano Sakurajima from Aira City, Kagoshima, Japan.
The volcano’s shape is different according to the place you watch it.
Gentle sound of waves relax you!

Aira City

Aira City is located at the north of Kagoshima City.
You can see the biggest Japanese camphor tree (Kamou no O-kusu) at the city.

The tree is the symbol of Aira City!
The city is full of wonderful nature.


Delicious Bun of Aira City

I love to eat Kajiki Manju.

It is a bun with a bean‐jam filling.
It is sweet and especially delicious with a cup of green tea!
Unlike other Japanese buns, you can hardly find Aira buns at huge department stores.
You can only find them at small local shops.
You can also get the taste of the Kajiki Manju at the Sakurajima Service Area (Kyushu Highway).


Map of Aira City

Aira City is just between Kagoshima City and Kirishima City.

So, it is best to visit Aira City on your way from Kagoshima Airport to Kagoshima City.

It is an also good idea to visit Aira City on your way from Kagoshima City to Kirishima City.