Kagoshima’s Volcanoes getting Active! Enormous Eruption will occur soon…?



Showa Crater of Mt.Sakurajima(quote:http://saigaijyouhou.com/)


Volcanic Earthquake occurred at Kuchinoerabu Island

The Mt.Shindake of Kuchinoerabu Island erupted enormously on 29 May after 34 years of silence. 

All islander safely evacuated to the neighboring Yakushima. (Luckily no one has been killed).

10 days have passed after the big eruption, but the smoke keep coming out of the crater with no sigh of seething.

Today volcanic earthquake was observed. I hope islanders can go back to their homes as soon as possible.



What is Okinoerabu Island like?

Neighboring Yakushima is World Natural Heritage, so I think many people have visited Yakushima. ※ I have been to the Yakushima when I was 11 years old. I had a precious experience of my snack stolen by local monkeys…

But many people have not been to Kuchinoerabu Island, which is closed to Yakushima. 

The shape looks like a gourd. The nature of the island must be very beautiful. I will definitely visit the island after eruptive activity calms down.

出典: http://www1.kaiho.mlit.go.jp/


Volcano and People in Kagoshima

There are as many as 11 volcanoes in Kagoshima Prefecture as shown in following picture.

I had lived on the foot of volcano Mt.Kaimon (Ibusuki City) until I became 18 years old.

I have lived at Kagoshima City for 6 years. Kagoshima City is only 10km away from the Showa Crater of Mt.Sakurajima.

If Mt.Kaimon or Mt.Sakurajima has made the similar big eruption like Mt.Shindake of Kuchinoerabu Island… Every time I think so, I feel really sorry for islanders of Kuchinoerabu Island.

In addition, the eruption occurred after 34 years of silence and I will be 34 years old this year… I don’t think it is not just a coincidence.


・Mt.Shindake of Kuchinoerabu Island erupted after 34 years of silence.

・The shape of the island looks like gourd.

・There are 11 volcanoes in Kagoshima Prefecture and people live at the very close places to those volcanoes.

My short diary

Kagoshima Prefecture just entered rainy season this month. It rained heavily from this morning.

I could see the nice view of Mt.Sakurajima today (8 June 2015). 

I suffered from mental diseases around this period of last year. I remember how I was feeling at that time and I felt depressed all the day today.
Mt.Sakurajima would scold at me and tell me “Don’s sweat on small staff!”