Mt.Aso Erupted on 14 September 2015! How about Mt.Sakurajima?





Enormous Eruption of Mt.Aso!

While active eruption of Mt.Sakurajima and Kuchinoerabu Island attract world’s eys, Mt.Aso made a huge eruption AM 09:49 today (14th September 2015). Eruption smoke is said to reach as high as 2,000m.

Mt.Aso is famous worldwide for its huge size of caldera. About 15,000 tourists visit Mt.Aso every year. 

I hope other cardelas in Kagoshima would not erupt at the same time as Mt.Aso. There are 4 big calderas in Kagoshima (Kakuto Caldera, Aira Caldera, Ata Caldera and Kikai Caldera).



How about Mt.Sakurajima in Kagoshima now?

I took the video of Mt.Sakurajima this morning on my way to workplace (AM07:15).

Mt.Sakurajima looks calm and shining surface of Kagoshima Bay is very beautiful.

Mt.Sakurajima has been calm and made no eruption today.


Climbing Mt.Sakurajima and Mt.Aso in the past?

I climbed Mt.Aso when I was in junior high school on school trip. Huge size of the crater impressed me so much! Actually many junior high school choose Mt.Aso as one of the destinations of school trip. This morning, I couldn’t believe that crater made such a big eruption! I hope no one is injured…

My aunt (65 year old) climbed Mt.Sakurajima when she was in elementary school during school excursion. It has been prohibited to climb the volcano for increasingly active eruptions.

It is the shame that it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to climb volcanoes to see their impressive craters.