Sunset and Eruption of Mt.SAKURAJIMA viewed from south (Tarumizu City)



I was driving west coast of OSUMI peninsula when I saw this beautiful sunset.
Beautiful sunset is sinking down to horizontal line of Kinko Bay…
Volcano SAKURAJIMA is spewing smoke from its top…
I was just at a loss for word for its beauty.


Where is the MOUTH of Mt.SAKURAJIMA?
You can see the crater of Mt.Sakurajima from the east (Osumi Peninsura).
Can you see the smoking place on the top of the mountain?
The crater is one of the most active crator and called “SHOWA crater”. It is the newest crater of Mt.Sakurajima.
SHOWA means Japanese era from 1926 to 1989. (Showa crater was created during SHOWA period).


SAKURAJIMA erupted -viewed from south side-
When I was at a loss for words for the beautiful sunset, Mt.SAKURAJIMA made eruption!
I was very lucky to record the eruption moment!

When I take video from west (Kagoshima City), I can only see smoke, since the crater is located at the east side of the volcano.
I was so impressed today, because I could see the crater and smoke at the same time (for the first time in my life!)
I was so impressed by the eruption moment!


Wow! Mt.Sakurajima is erupting many times!
The volcano’s eruption didn’t stop just for once. I witnessed several consecutive eruption! I shortened the total length of the video uploaded it at double speed for you.

Unlike other volcanoes in Japan, Mt.SAKURAJIMA erupts almost everyday!
How energetic this mountain is!
I was taking the video by my smart phone. But since the eruption lasted so long time, my arms got numb! I thought Mt.Sakurajima was more energetic than I!