White Mt.Sakurajima!? – covered with Skin Powder of Volcanic Ash-



Mt. Sakurajima – Symbol of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan –
The mountain is located at the south of Kyushu Island, Japan.
Mt. Sakurajima is an active volcano. Eruption occurs almost every day!
It has an elevation of 1,117 meters.

Sometimes Volcano put on Cosmetic on itself.

Cosmetics of Vocano??
Mt. Sakurajima have actively erupted recently to the extend that its volcanic ash covers the surface with volcanic ashes.
Nobody knows when the eruption activities calm down…


Map of Mt. Sakurajima
You can easily go to Mt. Sakurajima from Kagoshima City by ferry.
The island is connected to the Osumi Peninsula, so you can access to the island by car, too! The island is a lot of interesting places such as hot bath.
The eruption is active but it is safe to come to Sakurajima. Please feel relaxed and enjoy watching eruption!

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