Active Volcano Mt.Sakurajima is fragile? who is his/her mother?




Active Volcano Mt.Sakurajima

In 2015, the volcano Sakurajima keeps erupting more than 100 times a month.

According to the specialist of volcanology, the body of the volcano has been expanding.

The amount of lava has increased to 90% of the Taisho eruption in 1914.

Massive eruption can take place at any time.

We should not have too much stress to so as not to take big spite (calamity) on others.


Mt.Sakurajima is fragile?

The body of Mt.Sakurajima is not strong enough to curb its expansion.

Further volcanic activity and earthquake may result in the huge scale of landslides.

If much amount of debris storms into Kagoshima Bay, massive tidal waves will occur and cause serious damages along the coast of the bay.

We have to check the height of our house above sea level and nearest evacuation place once again.

I am getting fat recently. Maybe maybe my body will collapse if I keep eating too much food.


Today’s Sakurajima and heavy rain

Rainy season started on 2nd June in Kagoshima. I can hardly see the appearance of the volcano.

I hope the rainy season will end as soon as possible and have a clear view of the volcano.



Mother of Mt.Sakurajima

Mt.Sakurajima was created at the south tip if Aira Caldera (diameter 20km) about 25,000 years ago.

Alra Caldera is located at the north pf Kagoshima (Kinko) Bay. 


The Aira Caldera was created 29,000 to 26,000 years ago.

Water flows into its creator and shaped the present appearance in 10,000 years ago. (end of the last glacial era)

Volcano WAKAMIKO is supposedly the crater of the Aira Caldera and keeps sending bubbles of hot air to the surface of Kagoshima Bay.

Local fisherman call the phenomenon TAGIRI which means “boil” in local Kagoshima dialect.

The Wakamiko Shrine is built at Kirishima Prefecture in hope of the calmness of Wakamiko.

The sunset was so beautiful impressed me when I visited the shrine.


My diary

I went to Kagoshima City Hall to get a application form of marriage.

Originally I had planned to download the form on internet, but my wife opposed to it.

Now I am shamed of myself.

I should not get the form not on internet but at the City Hall in order to make sure our resolution to become happy together.