Sakurajima Big Eruption in the morning!



When I woke up this morning, the volcano “Sakurajima” just erupted.

I took the video from the balcony of my apartment.

People are always concerned about wind direction above the Sakurajima when it erupts.

If your house lays to leeward, ash will fall! Your eyes get painful.

Fortunately, the smoke of volcano is flown to right (southward). So I got relieved, so as many people in Kagoshima City.


Eruption and sunlight in the morning!

Glorious scenery!


Unconsciously I put my hands together and pray to the sun.




Sightseeing at Sakurajima (Sakura Island)

You can go to Sakurajima by ferry. You will be overwhelmed by the great landscape of Sakurajima.

Sakurajima is famous for the producation of the BIGGEST radish (Sakurajima Daikon) and SMALLEST mandarin orange (Sakurajima Komikan), although the soil is almost volcanic ash and not suitable for agriculture.

Every year farmers compete with each other who can make the biggest raddish



Sakurajima orange are small but very sweet!

My family loves the orange for many years.



Some souvenirs of Sakurajima are unique. For example, lava stones are sold as the barbecue plate.

Also, ashes are canned and sold as souvenirs for 100 yen and very popular among tourists.

Many Kagoshima people are concerned by the wind direction of above the Sakurajima and it has been broadcast on weather report TV program in Kagoshima everyday since 1983.



Natural Beauty