Enjoy Foot Bath at “Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park” near Sakurajima Ferry Terminal



I recommend you to go to “Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park” after arrival on Sakurajima. At this park, you can take a comfortable foot bath for free. It is wonderful to enjoy the bath and wonderful scenery of Kagoshima Bay.


Let’s take a foot bath!

Many travelers enjoyed taking the foot bath when we arrived at the park.

The length of the bath is as long as 100 m. The hot water comes from 1,000 m under the ground.

The water color is red, and once you take the foot bath, you will feel very warm.

It is hot at first, but you will soon get used to the heat and feel comfortable!

When my foreign friends come to Japan, I often take them here and enjoy foot bath together. They love the foot bath very much!

I recommend you to take towel to wipe your wet feet after the bath. (You can also buy towels at the Sakurajima Visitor Center near the park.)

I bought some Sakurajima Oranges at the nearby shop. (following picture)

Sakurajima Orange

We enjoyed taking the bath while having Sakurajima Oranges.

The scenery of the park is good, so it is also a good idea to bring lunch here and enjoy picnic.

Scenery from the Park

You can enjoy great view of Kagoshima City over Kagoshima Bay.

I took the video for you . Please watch and enjoy!

Park Information


5 minutes from Sakurajima Port by foot. Free parking lot is available.

Fee of Foot Bath


Open Hour

Foot bath: 09:00 – sundown


Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken 891-1419, Japan

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