Eruption in Sakurajima and Kuchinoerabu calmed down, but…




Rainy Season Ends Soon!

It was a lovely weather this morning. Rainy season will end soon in Kagoshima.

Normally the season will end on 14 – 17 July.

I walk to workplace the workplace this morning. 

It was very hot and humid. I think I can reduce my weight to the great extent!


Calm Sakurajima and Kuchinoerabu, but

Kuchinoerabu has not erupted about 1 month.

But white smoke continues to rise from the top of the mountain.


Rainy season has lasted about a month and typhoons are approaching to the island. It makes difficult for islanders to return to the island.

The alert level has remained LEVEL 5 since its bit eruption on 29 May.

I have lived near the active volcanoes (Mt.Kaimon and Mt.Sakurajima)

What would happen if those volcanoes erupt as Kuchinoerabu does? I cannot think that Kuchinoerabu is other people’s matter.