Typhoon NANKAR approaches to Kagoshima! Volcano & Heavy Rain can create disaster!




Typhoon Nankar

Thphoon Nankar is approaching to Kyushu!

The weather forcast says the typhoon comes to Kagoshima on 16 or 17 July.

Kagoshima has experiences typhoon most frequently among Japanese Prefectures (13 times from 1981 to 2011).


Typhoon at Amami Islands, Kagoshima Source: http://373news.com/

For your information, 2nd Prefectures are Kochi and Wakayama (10 times).

I am very discouraged because the typhoon will make it difficult for me to take the video of Sakurajima!


Rainy Clouds Hiding Sakurajima

Today is Monday. Because it is the first day to work this week, I felt it hard to walk to my workplace.

I wish if I could have sighted the beautiful scene of Sakurajima on my way to workplace, but the volcano was covered with thick rainy clouds.

To make the matter worse, 10 minuted after I took the above video, heavy rain started to fall and drenched me!

I was lucky to have some clothes to change at my workplace.


Volcano & Typhoon create Disaster

There are many volcanoes such as Sakurajima and Kuchinoerabu in Kagoshima, so many people usually think of volcanic disasters.

But the typhoon frequently causes disaster due to its heavy rains.

Large parts of Kagoshima is made of SHIRASU, which is the volcanic ash.

Source: http://tetujinn.exblog.jp/

SHIRASU absorbs little water and the nature easily created landslides if it rains. Transportation such as train frequently stops.

Also, some landslides are recognized at Kuchinoerabu Island and it makes hard for islanders to return to the island after huge eruption on 29 May.