Rainy Day is a sign of Good Luck in Kagoshima, Japan!





Do you like rain?

It heavily rains today in Kagoshima.

By the way, do you like rain?

Many people have negative images on rain.
If it rains, I don’t feel like going outside.rain

Especially this is the rainy season in July in Japan. This is the most uncomfortable season in Japan.

I sweats a lot, so I tend to easily get irritated during this season. Weather forecast predicts the season will end in the middle of July. It is to far from now.

But people in Kagoshima frequently call the rain “Shimazu Rain” and consider it as a sign of good luck.


What is the origin of Shimazu Rain?

Shimazu clan had ruled Kagoshima until the Meiji Restoration in the 19 century.

When the 1st Shimazu (his name is “Tadahisa”) was born, it is said to be raining.


When you visit Kagoshima, some people in Kagoshima welcome you “You are lucky to come here in such rainy day”.

This is not ironical way of speaking, but really wishes your good luck in future.


Marriage Registration in the day of “Shimazu Rain”

I went to Kagoshima City Hall with my girlfriend on Monday (22nd June 2015) and submitted the marriage registration form.

This is not only my birthday but also good luck day (according to Japanese calendar) and half-year anniversary since I started dating with her.

Above all, I felt so happy to get married when Shimazu-Rain was falling gently outside the City Hall.

I believe many good things will happen to us in future.

Even if it rains heavily in our life, I will try to see positive part of the life and keep achieving our dreams.


Today’s Sakurajima

I will keep observing Mt.Sakurajima after our marriage.

I feel as if Mt.Sakurajima is wishing happiness for us with gentle Shimazu Rain.