Minami-kyushu City

Natural Beauty

Mt. Ono-dake : Panoramatic View of South Satsuma Peninsula (Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, Japan)

You can have the wonderful view of southern part of Satsuma Peninsula from Mt. Ono-dake (Minami-kyushu City).
History & Culture

Chiran Samurai Residence Gardens – Little Kyoto in Kagoshima –

You can feel the feudal atmosphere of traditional Japan in Chiran, or Satsuma Domain's "Little Kyoto". I visited the Chi...

La Cheumiere – Nice Restaurant for Lunch at Chiran Samurai Residence –

I found a nice place for lunch and cafe break when I was walking at the Chiran Samura Residence. The name of the restaur...
Experience & Leisure

Introduction of “Banshobana Park” – Relaxing World of Seahorse –

I visited Banshobana Park at Minami-Kyushu City when I enjoyed driving along the coast. The park is located at the beaut...
Natural Beauty

Ocean waves crashing onto the rocky shore at Sebira Park

I took the video at the Sebira Park of Minami-Kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The high waves keep hitting the ...
History & Culture

CHIRAN PEACE MUSEUM, military base for Kamikaze Pilots during World War 2

Kamikaze Attack Military base was located on this town at the end of World War 2. Many airplane departed this base for s...
Natural Beauty

Mt. Kaimonedake with Great View of Ocean Pacific (East China Sea)

Mt. KAIMON from Sebira Park I took the movie of Mt. Kaimon from Sebira park, Minami Kyushu City, Japan It takes about 1....