Cafe “Third Stone” – Secret Pleasant Restaurant of Kagoshima City –




Secret Nice Spot of Kagoshima City

My wife likes to discover nice small cafe hidden in rural areas. Thanks to her, I have visited many various cafe which I would never have been to if I had not married my wife.

This time, she took me to a cafe “Third Stone” in the mountain of Kiire Town of Kagoshima City. I found the cafe was very nice and want to introduce the secret place to you.


Long Drive in Forests

We headed for south from Kagoshima City. We went through Hirakawa Town and turned left at Green Farm before driving a long mountainous road.

It was middle of October and the green mountains and crystal blue sky were making a beautiful contrast.

kagoshima drive

We were getting worried because it takes much longer time than we expected. But we finally arrived at the cafe “Third Stone”. We were very glad when we sighted the signboard of the cafe.

サードストーン 鹿児島 喜入 カフェ ランチ thirdstone kagoshima kiire cafe lunch japan

The cafe is relatively small and can accomodate only a few couples. As soon as we entered the care, it is filled to capacity. 

It is wise to call and book before you come to the cafe.



Relaxing Atmosphere

This is the entrance of the cafe. I wish if we could live in such expansive house deep in mountain…

サードストーン 鹿児島 喜入 カフェ ランチ thirdstone kagoshima kiire cafe lunch japan

You can feel relaxed as if you are at your own house. Very kind couple runs the pleasant cafe.

Listening to relaxing music, we totally forgot the hustle and bustle of busy city life!

サードストーン 鹿児島 喜入 カフェ ランチ thirdstone kagoshima kiire cafe lunch japan

We both are totally relaxed and in a daze. 🙂

さーどすとーん 鹿児島 カフェ thirdstone kagoshima cafe lunch japan

This is Japanese style of relaxation. Stretching your legs on the floor.

さーどすとーん カフェ 鹿児島市喜入 thirdstone cafe kagoshima kiire japan



Great View of Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay!

You can have a spectacle view in front of the cafe “third stone”. Please have a look at following picture!

桜島 サードストーン カフェ sakurajima third stone cafe kagoshima japan

You can relaxing yourself while viewing Sakurajima in a distance. We had lunch inside the house, but other guest were enjoying meals at outside. The place must be the most popular place among customers…!

サードストーン カフェ third stone kagoshima japan cafe sakurajima



Lunch of Third Stone

You can choose one out of 5 kinds of quiche lunch. All choice looks delicious! It is very difficult choose!!!

thirdstone kagoshima cafe lunch japan

I choose the lunch of the quiche of roasted meats and mashed potatoes with the dessert and drink. I cannot believe that it is only 1,280 yen! Too cheap!

thirdstone cafe kagoshima lunch kiire

We ordered glasses of cafe latte.

Desserts are very cute! We both like eating sweets, so felt very happy!

thirdstone cafe kagoshima lunch kiire

Let’s have close look at each dessert!

Caramel pudding is the most favorite sweet for my wife. It is not too sweet but a little bitter. 

thirdstone pudding lunch cafe kagoshima kiire japan

Chestnuts cake make you feel the coming of autumn season. The content of dessert differs according to each season. We will definitely make another visit at a different season!

thirdstone pudding lunch cafe kagoshima kiire japan

Cute maple leave was put on three figs. The figs are so soft and have nice texture in your mouth. 

thirdstone pudding lunch cafe kagoshima kiire japan

We really loved the taste of the coffee latte. 

The deep flavor of coffee spreads in your mouth but is easy to drink. The coffee fresh up your mind and body!

At first, we seriously discussed whether we should have a coffee maker at our house (But we gave up the thought due to poor economical situation). 🙂

thirdstone cafe coffee kagoshima japan

Total amount of food is relatively small for an adult man. But the amount was good for us because we had breakfast at late time on that day!


Relaxing Time after Lunch

We enjoyed a great view from the cafe after having delicious food. Oh…Relly…Relaxing…! We had a really peaceful time at the garden.

We will definitely come to the cafe again when we drive from Kagoshima City to Ibusuki city!

sakurajima thirdstone cafe lunch view

After having a wonderful lunch, we headed for Ibusuki City.

On our way to Ibusuki, the beautiful view of Kiire Oil Base suddenly appeared in front of our car. 

kiire oil tank kagoshima japan

We prayed for an easy birth of our baby at Ibusuki Shrine (See article).



Information of Third Stone


1 hour from Kagoshima City by car

※You can easily find the place of the restaurant by searching the name in Google Map (Car navigation cannot find the cafe with telephone numbers).



Opening hour

11:00-16:30 (Last order 16:00)


Close on Wednesday