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I introduce some questions sent by visitors to my blog. I answered following questions.


I’ll be going to Kagoshima next month for 3 days. Is there any cheap hotel or board and lodging you could recommend for me? We are 4. (overseas)

I introduced him a recommend hotel at the downtown of Kagoshima City.


May I ask what tourist spots we can see in Kagoshima? (overseas)

Every person has interest in different theme, so I helped her make travel schedule after asking her interests. I welcome this kind of questions, but it is appreciated if you tell me your special interests such as history, food or nature. 


How long is travel time needed in Mt. Sakurajima? (overseas)

Mt. Sakurajima is one of the most famous travel spots in Kagoshima, but there are many kinds way to enjoy the place. I asked him about his interests and made a plan for him.


Are there any temples or shrines in Kagoshima we can visit? (overseas)

Terukuni shrine and Kirishima Jingu shrine are famous in Kagoshima, but there are other nice shrines in Kagoshima. I introduced shrines according to her travel plan.


How much is the ferry going to Sakurajima? (overseas)

Many foreign travelers want to visit Mt. Sakurajima. Some of them asked me about the fare of Sakurajima Ferry.


I’m planning a trip to Kagoshima in October for 6 days. I will travel alone. can you recommend me any places I can visit / foods really I have try? (overseas)

Since the traveler is interested in wild nature, I made a special plan for her so that she can enjoy nature of Kagoshima.



I’m interested to visit Kagoshima in July. Where do you suggest I take my flight from? Osaka or Tokyo? What are the other interesting cities nearby to visit? I’ve been to Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara. I’m wondering if there are new places around Kagoshima that I should visit too? I’ll be in Japan for 14 days and I’m planning a 4-5 days trip to Kagoshima. I hope to visit other nearby cities too. Thanks in advance! (overseas)

The traveler has visited main cities in Japan. I introduced him a travel plan which puts emphasis on nature and hot springs of Kagoshima. Kagoshima is proud of fresh local foods. Also, I told him about unique festivals held in July in Kagoshima. 


Hello from Canada! I’m really enjoying your blog and Instagram. I am planning my next trip to Japan for November and will be going to Kagoshima for the first time – imojochu is my favourite drink and I want to see Sakurajima!
I read your post about the Kagoshima Food Festival, and wondered if you knew what days this is scheduled for in November 2016? I would like to plan my Kagoshima visit around the food festival, as it looks fantastic. (Canada)

Many foreign travelers are interested in delicious local Shochu of Kagoshima. I believe that many travelers will love unique foods and drink of Kagoshima.


We are from The Netherlands, we come to Kagoshima in May and we want to send an e-mail to Gracias Apartments to make a booking. Can you help us to find the Gracias e-mail address? Thank you. (Netherlands)

Some travelers try to make travel itinerary by themselves but they find it difficult to book hotels. I feel very lucky when I can help them and receive their words of gratitude. 🙂


(Amsterdam, Holland) We are traveling in June in Japan, we arrive by plane at Fukuoka and then visit Nagasaki. From there we are going by train to Kagoshima, we will arrive at Wednesday 8th June. We will visit the town and the ibisuki hot sand places and onsen. we would like to visit a nature park on our way up to Usuki where we visit the the Buddha statues by bike. because of the Kumamoto earthquake we are not able to visit mount Aso and the surroundings. Beppu we also skip. so we are looking for a nature park accessible by train or bus where we can stay in a little village and walk not to big trails. on the internet i can not find much. Do you have a advise? (Netherlands)

Some travelers asks me about something I don’t know. It is the good occasion for me to know more about Kagoshima and to improve my knowledge to become a good Kagoshima guides. There are many good camping spots of good facilities in Kagoshima.


 I am from Vancouver, Canada and I will be visiting Kagoshima this August. Thank you for your blog! I would like to do some nature exploring in and around Kagoshima, especially beaches. So far I want to see:
Iso Beach
Ogawa Waterfall
Inukai Waterfall
Where else do you recommend?
Thanks again!

I introduced other travel spot according to his/her interests. 


Good evening!
Thank you very much for your reply.

We are going to Kagoshima by car in May.
We are visiting Ogawa Waterfall, Suwa Shrine, Satadei Go and Sata Cape in Osumi Peninsula.

We will stay at Michinoeki Nejime.
Check in is 16:00-18:00.

Is it possible to visit all places?

I suggested several advises to the visitor to improve the itinerary.


Hi Sho!  I come to Kagoshima frequently for work.  I love this city so much that I am bringing some friends from the US to Kagoshima for New Years Eve.  Do you know of any public New Years celebrations in Kagoshima?  Thank you so much for putting together a very lovely blog!

I introduced him/her some shrines which are popular in Kagoshima for new year celebrations. 


Hi, I would be interested in going to the Healthy Land Onsen outdoor baths, but I am really not sure if it is going to be open with this cold weather, do you have any info? Thank you in advance

I answered that it is very comfortable to take the spa especially in cold winter!



I saw your video on YouTube about Cape Sata, in the south of Japan.  What is the most perfect to get to Cape Sata from Kagoshima-Chuo?
I want to take a trip to Japan and visit the northernmost and southernmost points.  Cape Soya is very accessible in Wakkanai.  But there are no trains going from Kagoshima-Chuo to Cape Sata.
Please advise me.
I suggested an itinerary to reach Cape Sata.
I am from Malaysia. I love travel and i really enjoy reading your blog. I’m interested to visit Kagoshima during spring and I’m planning to stay there for 3D2N. Would you please suggest me places i could visit with public transport since i’m going to travel alone. I prefer nature sightseeing, local foods and Spa. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

I suggested a travel plan to enjoy trip at Kagoshima.


I’m planning to go to kagoshima at the end of November 2018
I’ d like to see Shenbon ichou n kanoya rose garden. Or is there any idea?
Is it possible to visit both places in a day?
Where should I stay? In kagoshima or tarumizu?
How to get there from kagoshima chuo station?
How long it will take?
Thank you for your help.

I answered those questions and recommended other travel spots at Osumi Peninsula.


is it true that Kagoshima give free house to people how want to live there??(population or something like that)

Recently manly foreign travelers are interested in living in Kagoshima.


Hi Sho & Lala! I have a question…I am a neapolitan (born in Napoli, Italia) and I’ll visit your wonderful city Kagoshima very soon for some days.

Since the two cities Napoli and Kagoshima are twins…is there any particular place/activity involving this particular relationship?

Second question: anything interesting (matsuri/event toka) around the third week of July?

Thank you very much! Grazie mille in anticipo!

We are glad to have a question from twin city of Kagoshima City!



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