Introduction of UFO Catcher Game Machines in Kagoshima City, Japan



Introduction of interesting UFO catchers in Kagoshima, Japan. I love to play UFO catcher with my wife. This is our hobby.


Snack Food

Ice Cream

We found an ice cream UFO catcher at AEON.

You can play the game 3 times for 100 yen. It is a shame that claw power is very week!

I think this kind of the catcher (Ice cream) is very rare. I tried this game over 5 times, but I could not get anything…

But I saw some children managed to get ice cream in front of me! I wonder why children are good at playing this kind of game…

Chocolate House

We found a chocolate house UFO catcher at OPSIA mall at Kagoshima City! The box leans against glass and looks as if it will falls with a slight power!

My second try!

our third try!

GODIVA Chocolate

I found this UFO catcher at FRESPO shopping mall at Kagoshima City. The box is full of golden chocolates, but acturally…

They are not authentic GODIVA. But I am satisfies that I could get many chocolate anyway.


This is also played at FRESPO shopping mall of Kagoshima City. My girlfriend tried UFO catcher games!
She proudly took out 100 yen and started game. How about her result? Watch and enjoy!


Small Toys

Car figures

I found a car ufo catcher at FRESPO shopping mall at Kagoshima  There are many car inside! City. Let’s try!

You can play this game only for 1 coin (100 Japanese yen).

Puzzle Piece of Eraser

I found an unique UFO catcher at FRESPO mall at Kagoshima City. Those small pieces are erasers, which you can assemble.


Disney UFO Catcher

I found Disney UFO Catcher at FRESPO shopping mall at Kagoshima City. The giveaways include “Toy Story” and “Frozen”.

Our second try!

 Disney Frozen Characters

There are many kinds of FLOZEN dolls such as Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

It is too difficult to get one of them!


Japanese Animation

Japan is the country of sophisticated cartoon animation. UFO catcher’s giveaways includes their elaborate dolls. 


I found an UFO catcher of One Piece at AMU Plaza at Kagoshima City. Precious nice dolls of Luffy and Ace are inside the catcher.

Not only Japanese children but also adults love the cartoon. Those dolls are made very elaborately. Their price will be very high, if you buy the doll at the store.


I found an interesting UFO catcher game at AMU Plaza of Kagoshima City. The giveaway is cute girl dolls of Japanese animation “Love Life”.

Another love life UFO Catcher

Not only children but also many adults like to get this dolls by playing UFO catcher game to get cartoon dolls. One of my friends spent 50,000 yen within 1 day to get one of those dolls…

I admire his enthusiasm toward his love toward those animation.


Anpanman is the popular cartoon series in Japan. But unlike above 2 cartoons, this animation is oriented for small kids. Anpanman is the main hero of the animation. This hero gives parts of hishead (red bean bread) to depressed people to encourage them. He is one of the most popular characters among Japanese cartoon movies.

As many as 1,500 characters appear in this cartoon series. This number is the largest in the world and achieved GUINESS record!

Yokai Watch

Yokai Watch is the famous Japanese cartoon animation. Many Japanese children love those characters!

There are many toys of Yokai Watch at the following video.



Location of UFO Catchers in Kagoshima City

Top floor of AMU Plaza (Kagoshima Chuo Station)

2nd floor of FRESPO Shopping Mall




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