Mt.Kaimon’s reflection on rice paddy field -beautiful Japanese scenery- (10 May 2015)



The mountain is located at the south of Kyushu Island.
The mountain used to be an active volcano.
The height is 924m. You can climb to the top in 2.5 hours.


Rice Agriculture in Ibusuki City
It is very early to plant rice in many parts of Kagoshima.
For example, my family starts to plant in end of April and start harvesting in the middle of August.
Many typhoons passes Kagoshima from September to October. This is why many local people start planting early in Kagoshima.


Wonderful Paddy Field Scenery in Ibusuki
The beautiful mountain and mirror-like paddy fields are my hometown, Ibusuki City.
I hated to help my parents’ agriculture in my childhood, but now I am enjoy agriculture. It is my good way of relax myself from the strain of city life.


Come to Ibusuki
There are many interesting places in Ibusuki.
Ibusuki City is proud of its wonderful natures.
You can also take pleasant various kinds of natural bath, such as hot springs and sand bathes.
I keep introducing my attractive hometown!


Map of Mt.Kaimon in Ibusuki City
It takes about 1 hour from Kagoshima City by car. This is the wonderful place to enjoy driving!



Natural Beauty